BEGM支气管上皮细胞培养基 BEGM培养基 CC-3170

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  • 产品品牌:Lonza
  • 产品型号:CC-3170
  • 产品描述:

    BEGM BulletKit (CC-3171 & CC-4175) - 气管上皮细胞增殖培养基,规格:1kit. 价格:2580...


LONZA BEGM BulletKit (CC-3171 & CC-4175) 产品特点:

BEGM为套装,包含500ml BEBM基础培养基(CC-3171)和补体成份(CC-4175)


LONZA BEGM BulletKit (CC-3171 & CC-4175) 产品详情:

● BEBM?Basal Medium 500ml
● BPE, 2.0 ml
● Hydrocortisone, 0.5 ml
● hEGF, 0.5 ml
● Epinephrine, 0.5ml
● Insulin,0.5 ml
● Transferrin, 0.5 ml
● Triiodothyronine, 0.5 ml
● Retinoic Acid, 0.5 ml
● GA, 0.5ml


LONZA BEGM BulletKit (CC-3171 & CC-4175) 英文简述:

Clonetics? Media Products are specially designed to support the growth of human and animal primary derived cells. Media systems have been specifically developed and optimized for various cell systems. BEGM? BulletKit? is serum free and has been optimized to grow diseased and normal bronchial epithelial cells.

Media are supplied in several formats: 

Basal Medium - contains no growth factors, cytokines, or supplements
SingleQuots? Kit - growth factors, cytokines, and supplements
BulletKits? - basal medium and SingleQuots? Kit packaged together

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