CC-3190 REGM BulletKit

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  • 产品品牌:LONZA
  • 产品型号:CC-3190
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    REGM BulletKit (CC-3191 & CC-4127) - 肾细胞增殖培养基...


Clonetics EGM-2 Endothelial Cell Growth Medium-2 is an enhancement of EGM Medium. BBE has been removed and there has been further optimization of the basal media. Final concentration of FBS is 2%.

Clonetics Media Products are specially designed to support the growth of human and animal primary derived cells. Media systems have been specifically developed and optimized for various cell systems. Ys-bio supply.Media are supplied in several formats:

Basal Medium --- Contains no growth factors cytokines, or supplements
SingleQuots Kit --- Growth factors, cytokines, and supplements
BulletKit --- Basal medium and SingleQuots Kit packaged together

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